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pantha du prince / this bliss / dial

Pantha du Prince is probably one of my top 3 techno producers of all time. His chiming minimal techno and deeply hidden melodies are delicately assembled into gorgeous deep grooving tracks. This is bliss. Pantha du Prince creates some of the loveliest noises my ears have ever heard. Highly recommended.

carsten jost & lawrence / live at betalounge

mikael stavostrand / soulful ep / kontra-musik

New emerging talent, Joel Pryde from Seattle surprises me with his sweet polished minimal-funk track Retroit. Check out his website for more downloads.

celer / ceylon

Check out Celer's gorgeous ambient organic drone soundscapes. Free downloads from their myspace and lastfm pages. A must listen for lovers of Gas.
download ceylon mp3 (59:41)
download simpark mp3 (6:20)
download mainenn mp3 (12:27)
*links expire in a week

arturo en el barco / music for students

beth dorris mp3
candy tucker mp3
kyle parker mp3

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